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I'm worried about my one year old, Hailey. See, she is really spoiled… - Because being a mama is always hard, but for some of us it's even harder [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 25th, 2004|08:16 pm]
I'm worried about my one year old, Hailey. See, she is really spoiled and usually throws temper tantrums when she can't have her way, even if its something stupid like I won't let her press buttons on my cell phone. Now before when this would happen, she would lash out at me and throw things and get generally pissy, which I expected. But lately, she has started hurting herself. Like just now, I stopped her from playing with the printer and she sat down and started tugging at her clothes and hitting her legs.
I used to cut myself when I was younger, and it all started because I would slap myself or hit my thighs when I was upset. Then it turned to razors and lighters. I know that shit like that can be genetic, but I don't think its possible to start this young?
Its just really scary to see her hurting herself when I tell her no. And when she does do it, I stop her and usually comfort her, but the next time it happens again.
Did any of your kids do this?

[User Picture]From: mjwilliamson
2004-05-26 03:35 am (UTC)
lol, I understand your fears. My daughter, coincidentaly, "Haley" did the same thing. She was so headstrong and stubborn that when she would get mad at me, or frustrated with something, she would ball her little fists, shake, scream, and pound her fists into her skull as hard and fast as she could.

I think that they do this, because they are not capable of verbalizing their frustrations, and just plain have to get it out somehow. You have likely, (in being a good mommy) taught her that showing aggression towards people, and hitting, biting, or otherwise is wrong. Give yourself a pat on the back, because she's LISTENING TO YOU! She is not lashing out to anyone else, so she's venting her frustration, in what she views to be an acceptable manner. It's hard to break them of this habit, but rather than telling her not to do it, first see if you can figure out a more acceptable way for her to vent. If she has another outlet, like hitting a plastic hammer on some blocks, she may stop the behavior all together. If she insists on keeping it up, I would say, let her do it. really. They grow out of it once they are able to express themselves a bit better. She won't do any serious damage to herself in the meantime. Regardless of how mad kids are, they still don't like pain.

If you are really worried about her injuring herself, I would suggest you talk to your doctor. They have seen it a million times before, and may be able to offer a more schooled solution than mine.

:) good luck!
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