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first time posting, long time whatever... [Jul. 7th, 2004|02:03 pm]
[My kid dictates my mood and right now it's... |tiredtired]
[If I could hear over the shrieking, I'd be listening too... |some noise on the radio]

so, after taking the boy to work at 11pm last nite, i come home and want to go to sleep cuz i'm tired. but - like a dumbass, i had a 3 hour nap and couldn't sleep. didn't want to take a valium cuz i had to get up at the butt-crack of dawn to get him, so i wrestled with the sheets and sleep then the phone rang. lovely. it was the pleasanton police dept. telling me my daughter was at the ramada inn with her dumb-ass friend (they are both 17), the girl's friend, and some 36 yr. old man they met on the internet for the first time. great. not only that - they told him they were 18 (as if that mattered) and he bought them booze. yeah...so, my night went well...i don't know if mad is the word. frustration comes to mind...we have therapy this coming friday morning and god help her if she makes it that far...so, i grounded her for a week from the computer and 2 weeks in general...then she calls me at work and wants to know if her boyfriend can come over...i turned around to see who she was talking to, not like she could see me...
i'm tired now...