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Because being a mama is always hard, but for some of us it's even harder

We deserve a space to tell the truth in...

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This is a community for those of us who feel or are made to feel like bad moms, because we have "bad kids". Kids who try us daily, act out constantly, need contant levels of structure and discipline beyond what is considered normal for children their age and, usually, beyond what their moms are physically capable of. This is a private community, where moms can share freely about their struggles in parenting, without being judged or harrassed because of it. Speak the truths of your day-to-day experience here. Maybe, together, we can figure out how to make this work and be good mamas to these kids who make us pull our hair out, gouge our eyeballs, and run far far away from home.

THIS IS A FRIENDS ONLY COMMUNITY. Nearly all posts are locked, to protect our members. We don't need anyone's shit. Apply if you want to join.
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